5 things to do before the end of the year to serve your career

photo of a clock with the text 5 things to do before the end of the year to serve your career

It’s mid-December, not yet time to unplug for Santa/Roasted Turkey/Chocolates Land. It is time to wrap-up what happened in your professional life this year. Here are 5 things to do before the end of the year to serve your career.


#1 Forgive yourself

You might have set intentions, goals or expectations at the beginning of the year that you didn’t reach. You might have not worked towards it or you might have worked a lot, did the best you could and simply failed. A year is so short and so long as the same time, your objectives might have shifted along the way and that’s ok. Life just happens. To move forward, don’t live in the past, simply forgive yourself.


#2 What do you enjoy most in your professional life?

Every job comes with highs and lows. Some tasks that sound exciting to some people might sound awful for some others. Try to dig in what brings you joy at work and get to the roots of ‘why’. This will help you for decision making in the future, it will be easier to assess what kind of assignment can fulfill you. #knowyourselfbetter


#3 When did you feel most confident ?

A presentation, an interview, a crucial conversation, a success? You felt on top of the world, you felt so badass, you felt fantastic; Youhou! Visualize the setting, what were you wearing, who was around you, what gestures did you do, how did you speak, how was the smell, the temperature… all the details. Always remember this feeling. When you are not feeling great, close your eyes and visualize this moment of confidence, with all the details; it will empower you instantly.


#4 What is your “low” of the year?

Whether it is you screwed up or the Universe just didn’t get it right. What happened this year that you wish didn’t happened? Always remember: Failure is an event, not a person! Now look back at this unhappy event and, with fresh eyes, analyze what went wrong. ANALYZE and LEARN YOUR LESSON. You don’t want this to happen again.


#5 What do you want to achieve in 2019

It is not a New Year resolution, keep this for January. It is an intention. Simply look back at what 2018 brought you professionally (more responsibilities, more or less team members, a different environment ?) You start to receive a lot of “Best Wishes” cards from your relatives. So, what do you wish yourself for 2019.


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