This Sheep Story

03Hi! Welcome to This Sheep is Orange, my blog for Women in Business and Leadership.

I am Serena, the writer behind This Sheep is Orange. Let me introduce myself : my job is to implement changes to the management system of a major offshore energy company. In my spare time, I train for triathlons and obstacle races, for fun … not for being on the podium 😉 I also enjoy making some cooking experiments and on top of everything I enjoy sharing my thoughts on my blogs.

What will you find on this blog?

Why the sheep ?? And why orange ??

I quite enjoyed Purple Cow during my Business Management studies and this concept stuck in my head. (You never heard of this? You should check it out here.)

The key to success is to find a way to stand out.

So how to be remarkable in a business environment, in a big company where most employees go with the flow like sheep. Stand out, be Orange !

We’re all a work in progress, on the learning curve, and this blog is a platform to help us improve ourselves, to become Orange.

image of this sheep is orange the logo of the blog about women in business and leadership

An Orange Sheep has Talent & Vision.

She is confident

She is Charismatic.

She leads naturally.

She is Remarkable.

Become Orange, Follow the blog !
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