Hey, I’m Serena. I believe that every passing day is a chance to become a better version of ourselves – It takes courage, discipline and creativity.

Serena Benedetti in Monaco

About the Blog

I started This Sheep is Orange in 2017 to share all the business tips that I had collected in my notebook, from books, training and experience. I also share the stories and tips of high achievers and hope their experience will inspire others.

Why is it called This Sheep is Orange?

I quite enjoyed Purple Cow during my Business Management studies and this concept stuck in my head. (You never heard of this? You should check it out here.)

The key to success is to find a way to stand out.

In big companies where most employees go with the flow like sheep there is always ways to stand out. So be remarkable, be an Orange Sheep !

We’re all a work in progress, on the learning curve, and this blog is a platform to help us find our orange side.

Popular Posts

Here some of my favorite and most-read pieces:

Note: the writing on this site represent my personal views and not the views of any current or past employers.

Serena Benedetti driving a Kosmob electric scooter
Kosmob Scooter

About Me

I work for SBM Offshore (a major contractor of floating production solutions to the offshore energy industry) where I am responsible for the Group Management System.

I held various positions in major EPC Projects’ proposals & execution and also at corporate level. I managed multi-cultural teams in Monaco and in China.

I started my career as one of the European pioneers in the electric scooters industry. I created the “Electric & So Chic” Kosmob scooter. I was a winner of the Best Business Plan Competition of Junior Chamber International of Monaco in 2008.

serena benedetti in Monaco

I am enthusiast and curious about Business Models, Innovation, Corporate Strategies and how things work in general.

I volunteer at PMI (Project Management Institute) & PWN (Professional Women’s Network).

I host the podcast Super Women of Monaco, where I interview remarkable and inspiring women from Monaco who have a positive impact on others.

My latest project is Akimba, a new kind of undergarment that helps women feel more confident to wear the clothes they love without fearing sweaty pits.

On a personal side, I train for triathlons and obstacle races, for fun … not for being on the podium. I run other blogs:

Happy Healthy Simply where I share about triathlon training and outdoor activities on the French Riviera

Monaco For a Day where I share tips to visit Monaco


I earned a Master’s Degree in Industrial Management and a Masters of Science (MSc) in Supply Chain Management from Grenoble Ecole de Management where I learned all the basics to start my own company.


Serena Benedetti speaking at 3 different events


I’ve had the opportunity to give some keynote speeches and also lightning talks. I love connecting with people who are excited to learn something new. My talks involve some “AhAh Moments” and leave people with new insights and perspectives, as well as tips and nuggets they can use right away.

Get in touch

You might be looking for speakers for an upcoming event or simply want to say hi, please drop me a line, I love to receive notes from readers: serena @thissheepisorange.com

I encourage you to follow me on my adventures on instagram @thissheepisorange

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