Boost your confidence using post-it notes

A big part of your confidence comes from your non-verbal communication skills, i.e. body language! Body Language can shape who you are, if you missed this video, check it out now. Today I share with you a little nugget to boost your confidence and it basically involves using post-it notes.

How can you boost your confidence using post-it notes??

I heard about this genius idea in an interview of Jordan Harbinger, so I have no credit for it at all. Check out the complete interview on How to be awesome at your job Podcast.

It’s simple : Your first impression will happen before you even open your mouth. Yes, the first impression you make, within a few seconds, is based on how you look. And you want to look upright, positive, confident, friendly, open.

Stand up straight, chin up, chest up, shoulders back and put a smile on your face. As simple as that.

business woman look

In a perfect world you want to look like that all the time but it’s not easy. So at least, you want to do this, anytime you walk through a door way because that’s when you get noticed. The problem is that after a few days, you’ll tend to forget. So here comes the post-it trick! Stick a post-it note, the tiny colorful one, on the doorway at your office, at your eyes level and it will be your reminder. After a few weeks, you won’t need the post-it notes anymore and you’ll have gained a lot of confidence.


Jordan has more tricks to boost your confidence, he also mentions the power of asking for random things like a discount and it made me think of the Go For No challenge.


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