The continuous improvement concept of Hansei

Doing some Lean activities at work and reading some “wellness and culinary” literature (Kintsugi Wellness by Candice Kumai) , I discovered some Japanese terms full of meaning and wisdom; a couple of syllables that bring a deep reflection. In my search for simplicity, I immediately embraced these concepts and I’d like to share them to you as a monthly theme.

For January I find most appropriate to start with the continuous improvement concept of Hansei:


HANSEIcontinuous improvement concet of Hansei





Even if you feel that all went well, there is always some opportunities for improvement. The wisdom behind Hansei is to acknowledge your mistakes and pledge to improve with modesty and humility. Without judgement, simply look back and think about how a behavior, a process, a personal shortcoming can be improved. Therefore, you can apply the continuous improvement concept of Hansei to :

-your leadership style : reflect on what happened in the last year or in the relationship you have with your team members, how you showed up to develop the leadership of others. What should you stop doing? What could you do better?

-to specific professional activities : at a key milestone of a project/an initiative, reflect on what happened and identify underlining issues. Prepare countermeasures and put in place a plan to avoid the same mistakes to be repeated.

source : Lean Enterprise Institute


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