Etiquette for Introductions

Have you ever been in this situation where you have to introduce somebody to somebody else and you’re not too sure how to start, how to make it right and professional?

So here is a piece of advice that I received during a training by Mita Luciani Ranier, Head of International Etiquette Academy in Rome :

You have to introduce the least important person to the most important person.

The least important person introduces herself/himself to the most important one, with a handshake, stating her/his first name and than name.

How to determine who is the most important and the least important person as per etiquette?


1) Level of Authority

The most important person has the highest authority. If all have the same level of authority, the second parameter is used.

2) Gender

A woman is more important than a man. If the stakeholders have the same gender, the third parameter is used.

3) Age

The oldest person is the most important.

When you know what to do, you feel assertive and confident, so no more awkward feeling when making introductions.


Mita LUCIANI RANIER IEPA Rome_this sheep is orangeMarchioness Mita travels throughout the world for over 20 years and acts as an international and intercultural consultant and trainer in protocol, etiquette and customer service optimisation.

IEPAROME, provides tailor-made services in lifestyle management and and international consultancy and training in protocol, etiquette and art-de-vivre. They support individuals, entrepreneurs, organisations and companies to improve their performance to excel in Etiquette, Protocol and Service Quality.



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