How to be fabulous at Public Speaking

The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives

–Lilly Walters

I received lots of useful tips to get ready and nail presentations during a JCI Monaco training held by Alicia Sedgwick. Alicia is a private coach and teaches ‘Public Speaking, Managing People and Communication in Business’ at the International University of Monaco.

Here are some of her tips focusing on how to prepare for a presentation :

Prepare ahead

  • Know your audience – Who are they? What is it that they want or need (being informed, persuaded etc)?
  • Prepare how you can give them what they want/need: adapt your communication/presentation/speech

A few minutes before your presentation

  • Visualize yourself getting on the stage. Be clear on how you’ll enter and exit
  • Warm up your voice – repeat a few times “Red lorry, yellow lorry”

            If you feel a little nervous…

  • Have a mantra to repeat to yourself : “I’m a fabulous public speaker!”
  • Sing a song in your head that will pep you up
  • Breathe with the diaphragm. Take a deep breath counting to 7, expire counting to 11. Repeat a few times
Alicia has much more tips to help conquering your fears of public speaking and to captivate your audience during your presentation. She is available for coaching, you can contact her via her linkedin page.


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