How to be perceived as a leader through body language

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Adjusting your Body Language doesn’t require some specific competencies or talent. If you wonder how to be perceived as a leader, I don’t say that’s easy, but it’s a simple technique that you can start today.

In a former post we learned that Our Body language may shape who we are, to give us confidence. This basically means our body language has an impact on OURSELVES.

Here we’ll learn that our body language impacts the way we are perceived, it has an impact on OTHERS. This video will show you how to be perceived as a leader through body language.

The key takeaway of this video is to find the correct balance between showing Authoritative and showing Approachable.

infographic on how to be perceived as a leader through body language showing authoritative and showing approachable


Call to action to be perceived as a leader : Take more space in the room !


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