#SheInspires – Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

Who was Eleanor Roosevelt?

She was the niece of the U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and the wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt with whom she had six children.

She revolutionized the role of First Lady by being very active in public policy.

Her introverted temper was a strength as she teamed-up well with her extroverted husband remembering him the voice of the dispossessed and things he might have overlooked. She came over her fears of public speaking and is remembered as one of the most outspoken women who lived in the White House as she was the first one to hold a press conference, address a national convention and wrote a newspaper column.

She is recognized as a great humanitarian : During World War I, she was active in public service, working for the American Red Cross. She helped the country’s poor, stood against racial discrimination. On top of everything she was a leader of women’s and civil rights. After her husband’s death, she chaired the U.N.’s Human Rights Commission and helped to write the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which she considered to be her greatest achievement.

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