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Natasha Frost-Savio is Anglo-American, educated in London, in France and Los Angeles. After creating a translation agency in 2009, Natasha and her husband came up with the idea to start brewing California style craft beer in the south of France in 2016. After sharing the idea with some friends, Blue Coast Brewing Company was born. 

Natasha is also the president of Pink Ribbon Monaco that she founded in 2011. The aim of this non-profit organization is to raise awareness about breast cancer screening. She is also a member of the committee for the protection and promotion of women’s rights in Monaco

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In this episode, we talked about :

  • How Pink Ribbon Monaco started, the progress in Monaco in terms of breast cancer screening and the importance of positive role models for women going through treatment.
  • We moved on to a very different topic which is how Natasha and her husband brought some cool Californian vibes to the French Riviera. Natasha shared the story of how Blue Coast Beer started.
  • She told us how they struck on this idea to make craft beer that is now selling in 500 places.
  • We talked about the importance of the vision and that it’s not about selling a product but in her case a lifestyle and authenticity. We talked about the challenges she faced to put the business together while being pregnant at the same time. Natasha is full of energy.
  • We talked about efficiency and how to handle a lot at the same time and how to nurture a positive mindset.
recording of the podcast episode of SuperWomen of Monaco with Natasha Frost Savio

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