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Vibeke Brask Thomsen guest of the podcast superwomen of Monaco

Vibeke Brask Thomsen is Danish she was raised in France, Monaco and Switzerland. She worked for many years in Brussels on security, disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation.

She understood the effects of gender inequality when working with women in post-conflict societies. That’s what motivated her to start her non-profit organisation in Monaco SheCanHeCan (formerly Gender Hopes) to work towards the goal of making gender equality a reality.

Her mission is to encourage girls and boys to challenge life-limiting gender stereotypes and to realise their full potential, independent of their gender.

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In this episode we talked about :

  • Difference between Inclusion and diversity.  It will certainly open your mind some things we say casually without thinking much about it and that could be insulting for some people. Vibeke shares many tips on actions to take in our personal lives and at work.
  • The Pledge for Equality : how making a small commitment can have a big impact
  • Parenting in a gender-neutral way, not focusing on stereotypes but by widening options for the kids. On top of her work in Equality, Vibeke has 3 young kids so a lot of experience to share on the topic of parenting.
  • The progress in Monaco in terms of women rights. What has been done and where there is some room for improvement.
  • Surprising statistics about women. I was shocked by the one about women and incidents, you’ll hear all that.

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