Review of Choose Wonder over Worry by Amber Rae

review of wonder over worry the book of amber rae

This is my review of Choose Wonder over Worry, a book by Amber Rae. Her point is that we all experience various negative feelings that create our WORRY either in personal or professional life :

pictures to embody worry through imposter syndrome fear stress self doubt envy and uncertainty in the review of wonder over worry the book of amber rae on this sheep is orange

“I don’t deserve this promotion”, meet Imposter Syndrome

“This project is too challenging, I should not get myself involved”, meet Fear

“I’ll never find a good husband”, meet Self-doubt

“I wish I had her perfect life”, Meet envy

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to lose weight”, meet Uncertainty etc etc …


Worry is toxic when it is paralyzing and prevents us from moving forward. BUT, Worry should not be destructive or paralyzing. The negative feelings bring us a chance to see challenges, setbacks, opportunities. We need to nurture our relationship with them, we need to work on our reaction to Worry to make it our ally and not our enemy.


picture of amber rae for the review of choose wonder over worry“Envy is inspiration in disguise”

“Feel at home with your own choices”

“Don’t act out, act upon”

-Amber Rae


review of wonder over worry the book of amber raeWhat is the call to action ?

Neither ignore your negative feelings nor hold them back as they have a message for you. Instead, welcome them, invite them for a glass of wine or a cup of tea and ask them “Hey Worry, what is it you want me to know?”. Listen to their message, digest their message. Then look on the other side, look at Wonder and say to yourself : “I choose to see the world through a lens of Wonder”.

The part of the book that impacted me most

It is about Rejection and how to react to it. I used to take rejection personally “it’s ME who is rejected”. But that’s the story I was making up. We can choose to look at Rejection from a different perspective: “This is not personal. I’m just not the right fit”. That’s it, so simple and so empowering to keep moving forward.

The Story of the two seeds

This book reminded me of the story of the two seeds which is about fear and which morale has always guided my decisions. If you haven’t read it yet, here it is.

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