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Alicia Sedgwick began her career as a lawyer but has also worked in radio, television production and event management. She teaches at the International University of Monaco, in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, Leadership and Managing People. She also teaches public speaking and presentation skills at the International School of Monaco.

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Alicia is a corporate communications trainer and professional MC for events, such as TEDxMonteCarlo, where she brings her individual talent of making everyone feel embraced, included and involved, with humour and empathy. She is also co-curator of Monaco’s first TEDx Youth Event held at the International School of Monaco.

Her first book “Communicating Through Change” became an International bestseller overnight from launch in January this year 2021.

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We talked about :

-Her career path and how she became a communications’ expert

-Her first book ‘Communicating Through Change’. Alicia explained that she wanted to help others by writing about her real life stories. She described the process of writing the book until the book launch so very useful for anyone who has an idea or a dream to publish a book one day.

She took us into the part of the book that covers the pandemic with a positive message and the importance of keeping hope.

We tackled the topic about self promotion and how it is difficult for women to promote themselves and Alicia shared some tips

-As a corporate communications trainer, she shared some mistakes people make and gave us a bunch of tips to improve our communications skill in real life and online, not only to look and sound better but also to feel more at ease and confident when speaking in front of an audience

References :

The Catcher in the rye by J.D. Salinger

Alicia’s website : https://www.aliciasedgwick.com

Alicia’s book ‘Communicating Through Change’ : http://mybook.to/AliciaSedgwick

Facebook: https://bit.ly/AliciaSedgwickFB

YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/AliciaSedgwickYT

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/aliciasedgwickcommunication/

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