Female Top Leaders in the Automotive Industry

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Cars : “Men’s toys” – cliché but still so true…Here are two orange sheep.  Let’s discover these female top leaders in the automotive industry

Laura Schwab is Aston Martin’s President for the Americas

Laura started her career as a contract lawyer. At 24 she realized this was not for her. She fell into the car business by getting a job at a start up that sold cars online. Her mentor introduced her to Land Rover where she got a contract for a part time job. She quickly became the marketing director for Jaguar Land Rover in Britain. After five years Aston Martin contacted her to offer the position of President of the Americas. On a side note, she got pregnant five weeks after starting her new role at 42 years old.

source: the Globe and Mail

quote of laura schwab first female president of aston martin

Marry Barra has been General Motor CEO since 2014

She started to work at General Motors at 18 years old to finance her college studies. She has an electrical engineering degree and an MBA. After various positions, she hold the positions of Vice President of Global Manufacturing Engineering, then Vice President of Global Human Resources, then Executive Vice President of Global Product Development that was later extended to Global Purchasing and Supply Chain. In 2014 she took over as CEO and became the first ever female to head an automobile manufacturer.

source: Wikipedia

quote of marry barra CEO of General Motors


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